Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Building Relationship Online

When talking about sales online, people always thinking how to do it? Way to do it? and there are many questions playing in our mind. But for me (my opinion), making sales online not just need technics to promote your products but also RELATIONSHIP. Take for example Mr Darren Rowse the owner of, he making USD72,000 within a week selling Potrait E-Books but still for him (in my opinion) RELATIONSHIP play an important role. Affiliates, choose right advertisement, recruiting affiliates, traffic, are technics and tips but for me all of these are RELATIONSHIP that you have to build.

The communication (internet) that we have now is the media how we develop RELATIONSHIP online. That why, for me sincerity on what we share will help us to reach our reader then loyal reader before turn to be our customers. It may takes times but if we constant on what we do, later we will succeed.

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